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Web Design

Meticulous representation, enriched user experience and comprehensive content – the pillars on which your dream business would rest are essentially our areas of expertise.


Web Apps

Endowing your experience of web interaction with excitement, speediness and mobility through innovative applications, is what our objective is.


Mobile Apps

We undertake the formation of applications that preferably engages smart technologies to transform the device into something more useful and fascinating.



Implied by the name, this facility extends assistance to administer the contents of the website making it secure at the same time.


A well-organized e-commerce site including extensive inventory, competitive prices, easy-to-use interface and fast-loading web pages is what we built.



Adequacy on internet marketing strategies of search engines operations, preference and search criteria, we help you fetch all the attention your website seeks.


Email Marketing

Let your business spread to every nook and corner of the city through the efficient email marketing facility that we specialize in.


Web Services

Be it web hosting, website redesigning or increasing website visibility the team of geniuses we own make every task to appear easier.


Staunch believers of more action and less word

Cygnus infomedia is a whole new breed in the world of web. It has mastered an art of web development that has a focus on making not only elegant but also functional websites. With Cygnus Infomedia we have set a new dimension to the concept of website development as a whole. The output of Cygnus Infomedia stands on the grounds of our clients’ needs and demands. An uninhibited outlook, a flurry of new ideas and a team of trained professionals are the pillars on which Cygnus Infomedia operates. We have only been actively trading for around 2 years now and we have already catered to 20 + countries including US, Europe, Australia, Middle-East and much more.

Building long term relationships with our clients is really the core objective of each of the client relationships we start. Some web design companies just want a quick sale with minimum fuss and high turnover of clients. This is not how we work at all. As an established web design company in Kolkata, we have grown by making good long-term business connections with our clients. We do this by always exceeding your expectations and delivering websites that are above and beyond what you were hoping for. Our whole web design company process is based around working closely with you, the client. You will have access to us through email, telephone and Skype with an emergency 24/7 number for when your site is having issues.

We are casually serious people who follow the urge of standing out in a crowd. Latest technological trends blended with advanced aesthetics, is what our work implies. Plainly we always let our ideas revolve round the business benefits for people associated with us. The DNA for Cygnus Infomedia is its clients, the synthesis for which is influenced by motive based designs which have been consciously made distinguished. Even on the face of changing needs of our clients, we always endeavour to present solutions that keep up their expectations. Our presence around the nook and corner of the world reflects our notion of precisely being instrumental to create values that count.


Wanna be a part of this euphoria?

Do you believe you have the mettle to fight the world just to achieve what you want? Then Cygnus Infomedia should be your ideal destination. It is a place where you are responsible to make your ideas materialize for the personal and needless to say professional benefit as well. We want people with the passion to outdo themselves and the rest would be taken care of by us.

Currently we have three vacancies

  • PHP / MySQL Developer
  • CMS-Magento Developer
  • Website Designer


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Corporate Office
55B, Mirza Ghalib Street,
(Saberwal House) Ground Floor
Kolkata-700016, India

Research & Developments
BA -127, Sector –I,
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata-700064, India